I am back

2015-07-03 09:53:29 by Fuliren

I am back.

My brother has been trollin*

2014-07-10 12:17:33 by Fuliren

My brother has been on various websites with my PC and pretended to be me. He got me banned on some of them. I am dissapointed... I made a broken heart for all the people that hate me now. (BTW I got him grounded :D )


1 Year on Newgrounds.

2014-07-09 09:59:32 by Fuliren

A bit more than a year ago, I was just a retard that did'nt have anything to do, so I made a newgrounds page, now it's been 1 year. For some reason I don't understand, I've gained 8 fans, wich is a lot for the crap I've posted.


Just because why not, I wanna mention some stuff thats been going on through the year;

1 - I met alot of awsome peeps, wich I'm happy for, and one of the first ones was my buddy Theshortsoflife, and dude, he's grown. Congrats!

2 - I posted an animation test, that I regret; called Drugs. It's shit, don't check it out xD

3 - I made a crappy shit game :O. At first it got hate, but for some reason at last it got some nice reviews.

4 - I made this collab wich has been going on for ages now xD That is still under progress, but soon to be publishged as the WTF collab, and some cool peeps are in it :D (It's too late to join, sorry.)

5 - I made some art, wich I'm proud of. (Since I'm a horrible artist xD).

I can't remember anything else :/ 


Thanks for all support and all kindness I've gotten through a year, It really has changed me and my life as a programmer and animator <3


Oh, and Germany vs Brazil, It was frickin' awsome. It was fun to watch Germany pwn.


Thanks again guys! And lets hope for another awsome year.


Theshortsoflife, You are a nacho, just so you know. Take some pixel art I made for you:


It has some tacosauce on it, and its small as F**k...


2014-05-13 10:40:26 by Fuliren




So I started my new series "Death Dolls" and the first game is out! Its a dressup game:

Its located here:

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/630862     (Death Dolls: Factory).

It hasn't the best rating, but Im very happy with it :D Its my first dressup game and its also V1!

So Im just gonna give you a sneak peak for the new update

*More space (Since there will be meny's)

*Change dolls to work on

*Sound effects and new stuff

Also here's what will happen when I add the Newgrounds API (Proably around V5)

*Share your dolls


*Vote for dolls

*Small ads (Not when you dressup the doll itself)

Also an idea would be:

*Better music

*Pausing (By pressing P)

*A cool secret (So noone steals it)

*An uniqe preloader (Proably V3)


Also I'll start a Beta Testing around V7, beacause thats when Its a big game (In options and size, not popularity).

I also think I'll be needing a team later on (I'm not the best on sound effects and art xD )

Thats it, and yeah...

Merry Christmas! (Its the 25'th today)!

Its Christmas in Norway the 24'th (I'm in Norway).

Tell me what "Santa" gave ya! :D

-Louis (Fuliren)

Collab time!

2013-09-30 13:11:04 by Fuliren

Join my collab!

More info:


Copyright Help

2013-08-18 08:35:56 by Fuliren

So if i use a lot of madness sprites from different packs to make my Madness Day Submission.
If i give the authors credit for the packs and sprites n' stuff in the description, do i break the rules?